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Rapport från Skåne Water Polo Camp
Såhär skriver Ervin Babic i sin rapport från det årliga Skåne Water Polo Camp.



Plats: Segevångsbadet, Malmö

Datum: 1/9/2018 – 2/9/2018


Every training consisted of a meeting of coaches (15 minutes) and of introductory exercises and main exercises that have been done on land and in the pool. 50 players participate at the camp. We divided them into two groups and each group was in their own half of a pool. All the groups were working with all the coaches.


Day 1.

First day on Saturday, we had a 3 hour pool for the morning training and a 3 hour pool for the afternoon training.

Saturday morning 01.09.2018. (8.30 – 12.00)

For the warm up we used a set of the specific water polo drills to prepare players for the main drills. We had three main exercises for the morning practice.

1.      Specific exercises, swimming with the ball

2.      Passing technique (3-player groups)

3.      Shooting technique (Press defense)


Saturday afternoon 01.09.2018. (15.00 – 18.00)

We had two main training tasks for the afternoon practice.

  1. Passing technique in place and with movements (Different Tasks)
  2. Technical Tactical Exercises at 1 Goals (Press defens)


Day 2.

Second day on Sunday, we had a 3 hour pool for the morning and a 3 hour pool for the afternoon training.

Sunday morning 02.09.2018 (8.30 – 11.30)

We have main training tasks:

  1. Testing of Functional Abilities in Aerobic Operating Mode (800m Interval Series)
  2. Technical tactical tasks (man up man down)


Sunday afternoon 02.09.2018. (13.30 – 16.30)

Main training tasks:

  1. Technical Tactical Tasks 160 minutes (training game with stopping and explanation of technical-tactical tasks) all previous drills that we did during camp were included in the game.


After this intensive camp that lasted for two days we have done together a lot of different individual and team drills. We had focus on individual technique and on the concept of a pressing in water polo.

I would like to say thanks to all the coaches from Skåne, the Skånesim Water Polo committee and Skånes Simförbund.

Best regards, Ervin Babic